English doesn’t indicate your skills as a professional.

Does your command of English indicate your skills as a professional? Not at all, you are a good professional, and this has nothing to do with whether your English is excellent or not. The truth is that, if my child had a severe brain bleeding while in Osaka, I would try to find the best brain doctor in Osaka. I would certainly not want the one who speaks English best but does not have the best experience.

Large multinational or international companies tend to forget that. They push up the foreigners with the best English, for the simple comfort of the ones who are at the top, especially in American based companies. With better English, even bad ideas are at least easier for their bosses to understand. On the other hand, useful and inventive thinking is often overlooked completely. This is a very serious mistake in too many large companies. They do not put their child in the hands of the best doctor, but with the doctor who sounds most like them. In the IBM of the late 70's, there were forty IBM Vice Presidents (the highest rank under the Management Committee, usually four American members). Thirty nine of the VPs were Americans, while half of the businesses were already coming from abroad… Was there not anything wrong?